Redistribution of 1003(g) Funds

Redistribution of 1003(g) Funds



The Arkansas Department of Education Federal Programs Unit is announcing the award of $1.23 million in SIG 1003(g) funds.  The availability of these funds is due to the turn-back of monies from a SIG school that is being reconfigured to an alternative school and the rescindment of 1003(g) funds to a school making inadequate implementation efforts.

Following guidance provided by the United States Department of Education School Turnaround Office, these funds will be redistributed to cohorts one and two SIG schools.  The amount of redistributed money, when added to the original grant award, must not exceed the 2 million dollar yearly maximum amount per school.

For the 2012-2013 school year, redistribution amounts will be as follows:

Little Rock School District

  • Hall High School - $26,349
  • J.A. Fair High School - $70,010
  • Cloverdale Middle School - $347

Osceola School District

  • Osceola Middle School - $227,467
  • Osceola High School - $227,467

Fort Smith School District

  • Trusty Elementary School - $227,467

Helena/West Helena School District

  • Central High School - $227,467

Marvell/Elaine School District

  • Marvell High School - $227,467
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