Governor Supports Digital Learning

Governor Supports Digital Learning



Governor Mike Beebe has proposed a $10 million matching-grant program to help districts improve Internet connectivity. The bill to establish a Broadband Facilities Matching Grant Program would be funded with a one-time transfer from the state General Improvement Fund to the Department of Education Public School Fund. If the Legislature appropriates and funds the Governor’s request this funding could be leveraged at the district level for up to an additional $40 million in new E-Rate funding for local loop/WAN connectivity (the last mile).

To qualify for this potential new funding each district must file a Form 470 that includes a request for the local loop/WAN connections by February 26, 2014. Districts are encouraged to submit this request and even re-apply for E-Rate online if they have not included this request in their existing Form 470(s).

For additional information, visit the E-Rate page of our webiste.














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