What is the FCDL?


The FCDL is the Funding Commitment Decision Letter. Once a Form 471 has completed PIA, a FCDL and report is sent to the applicant from USAC/SLD. The FCDL features the funding status for each of the applicant’s request on Form 471. The FCDL lists the amount of funding approved, the amount not yet funded, and the amount of funding denied.

Applicants continue to be subject to audit and other reviews that USAC or the FCC and others may undertake.

The FCDL report describes the details of the funding request(s). Once the FCDL is received the applicant may appeal. Appeals must be post marked or received by the SLD within 60 days of the date on the FCDL. A sample FCDL is available on the USAC website.

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