What are Selective Reviews?


USAC selects some applicants for a Selective Review to ensure that they are following certain FCC program rules. Applicants are asked to provide the following information covering all of the billed entity's Forms 471 for the funding year:

  • Documentation regarding their competitive bidding and vendor selection process

  • Documentation of their ability to pay their share of the cost of the products and services eligible for schools and libraries program support 

  • Proof that they have obtained the (ineligible) hardware, software, professional development, electrical capacity or other retrofitting, and maintenance necessary to make effective use of the requested discounts

View a sample Selective Review Information Request. Service providers may not provide responses to Selective Review Information Requests. The result of a Selective Review may be that funding is approved or denied.

The applicant may also receive a Resource Deficiency Advisory that advises applicants of insufficient resources to use the services requested correctly. The letter explains the areas USAC finds to be deficient. Applicants receiving this letter are not denied funding but should consider increasing their level of investment in identified areas since USAC may follow up in subsequent years regarding the necessary resources.

Applicants may not receive direct or indirect help from service providers to pay their non-discounted share.


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