What is Form 471?


Form 471 is a Description of Services Ordered and Certification and is the second form to be submitted to USAC/SLD. Form 471 is completed after Form 470 has been posted for at least 28 days. Form 471 is used to notify SLD that you have selected a service provider and ordered services.

The form and its attachments provide the details of the service(s) a E-Rate applicant has ordered, the anticipated dollars budgeted and all costs associated with E-Rate including but not limited to eligible costs, ineligible costs and pre-discount costs. It describes in detail the number of children served, the number of children participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the location of each participating entity.

The Form 471 filing window is normally mid-November – early February. Once a Form 471 has been received by the SLD a Receipt Acknowledgement Letter (RAL) is mailed to the applicant from the SLD.

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