What staff person(s) within my agency should be responsible for applying for E-Rate?


The person ultimately responsible is the person authorized to sign or certify the forms submitted to USAC/ SLD however E-Rate impacts several systems within schools and libraries. A consultant can be hired to submit forms on your behalf; however, USAC/SLD requires a letter of agency.

The authorized person on the Form 471 - the person whose signature appears in the Form 471 Item 38 - certifies that he or she is the person authorized to submit and certify to the accuracy of the application. This person must be authorized to represent any and all of the entities for which discounts are sought in the funding requests featured on the application. During its review of the Form 471, the SLD may require copies of the documentation that confirms this person's authorization to represent all of the entities featured on the Form 471. 

The evidence that establishes this authorization - and therefore, that establishes the relationship between the authorized person and the entities featured on the form - is generally a Letter of Agency (LOA).

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