How are mentors compensated for mentoring a novice teacher?

Mentors receive a stipend of $600 per semester, or $1200 per school year. Mentors assigned to first year non-traditional licensure novice teachers receive an additional $200 as compensation for front-end mentoring for the first semester of the first year of teaching only. From the mentor's money, the district may deduct taxes and the mentor's regular teacher retirement contribution. The district may not take the matching funds (taxes and teacher retirement) from the mentor's stipend. Districts must absorb the cost of the matching funds.  

Mentors receive 18 hours of professional development credit for completing the Pathwise mentor training. In addition, mentors receive 30 hours of professional development credit for the school year in which they actively mentor a novice teacher. However, it is the decision of the school district whether all, or part, or none of the of the hours is accepted.

Additionally, mentors have the distinction of being identified as outstanding teachers with the skills and expertise to mentor and guide novice educators in the teaching profession. Mentors have reported the additional benefit of improving and fine-tuning their own instructional and professional skills as a result of the mentoring experience.

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