What is front-end mentoring?

To help with transitioning into the role of a first year teacher, all first-year alternative route teachers, including all Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure (APPEL) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) novice teachers are given added support in the first semester of their first year of teaching.

First-year alternative route novice teachers and their assigned mentors participate in front-end mentoring activities that are outlined in the Front-End Mentoring (FEM) Guide. Each school district's Mentoring Project Director receives and distributes the FEM Guide to:

  • alternative route novice teachers who are in the first semester of their first year of teaching
  • the assigned mentor of the novice teacher

The guide consists of activities for the pair to conduct together, ultimately producing a binder that contains district and building contact information along with building rules and procedures that will serve as a resource for the novice teacher.

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