Research and Technology


This division is involved in a variety of ventures including:

  • The ADE Data Center is a collection of tools and reports for educators, parents or anyone interested in official data from the Department of Education.
  • The Arkansas Digital Sandbox is the newest and safest way to collaborate, store and share multi-media in a closed network.
  • Arkansas on iTunes U - Arkansas is one of many educational institutions making instructional content available for free through iTunes U. The library includes digital resources for teachers, students, and the public - all created by Arkansas teachers, state educational partners, and the Arkansas Department of Education. If you have iTunes installed on your desktop or the iTunes U App on your iPad, visit us in iTunes and explore our library.
  • The Arkansas Research Center (ARC) is a hub for longitudinal data dissemination, research and professional development. ARC offers unique analysis of test data with HIVE and Quick Looks.


For more information, please contact:

Cody Decker, Assistant Commissioner, Research and Technology
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Research and Technology
6020 Ranch Drive, Suite C-8
Little Rock, AR 72223
Phone: 501-371-5005

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