School Based Mental Health


The Arkansas Department of Education has fostered the development of approved best practice school based mental health programs within Arkansas public school districts.   These programs are grounded in and based on the following principles:

  • An emphasis on early identification
  • Full integration with the community and its resources
  • Placing students and their families at the center of service decisions
  • Providing services that are culturally competent
  • A focus on promoting school attendance and academic success
  • Services and supports validated by research and evidence-based practices
  • The use of technology, including telecommunications

(Courtesy of School Based Mental Health Manual 2012)


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Betsy Kindall, School Based Mental Health Specialist
Arkansas Department of Education
OUR Educational Cooperative
PO Box 610
Valley Springs, AR 72682
Phone: 870-429-9129
Fax: 870-429-9099

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