Community Service Learning


The Arkansas Department of Education has received funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service for the School-Based Learn and Serve America Program. Learn and Serve America supports service-learning programs in schools and community organizations throughout the nation. This program combines service to the community with student learning in a way that improves both the student and the community.

Community Service Learning:

  • A method whereby students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that is conducted in and meets the needs of communities;
  • Coordinated with an elementary school, secondary school, institution of higher education, or community service program and the community;
  • A way to help foster civic responsibility;
  • Is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum of the students, or the education components of the community service program in which the participants are enrolled;
  • Provides structured time for students or participants to reflect on the service experience

Act 648 of 1993 states that beginning with the 1996-97 school year, "a student who has completed a minimum of seventy-five (75) clock hours of documented community service in grades nine (9) through twelve (12), at any certified service agency or a part of a service-learning school program shall be eligible to receive one (1) academic credit that may be applied toward graduation."


For more information, please contact:

Maggie Herrick, Social Studies Specialist
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Learning Services
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