Teach Chinese in Arkansas


The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) in collaboration with Hanban and the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) Confucius Institute offer the Teach Chinese in Arkansas Program to bring Chinese language and culture to Arkansas schools. Hanban is a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. The Confucius Institute is a non-profit, public organization working under the auspices of Hanban.

School Districts interested in adding (or continuing to offer) Mandarin Chinese for the 2014-2015 academic year are asked to email the ADE (see contact information below) before March 31, 2014.

Each Chinese teacher in this program has a Master’s Degree in teaching Chinese as a Second Language. These Chinese teachers make a two-year commitment to teach in Arkansas, and each is issued an Arkansas teaching license through the Arkansas Professional Pathway for Educator Licensure (APPEL). They attend all APPEL training, including the three weeks of module training during both summers and Saturday training modules during both academic years, while teaching in Arkansas.  Their Arkansas teaching license is to teach the Chinese language and culture in grades 7-12, but Chinese teachers may teach cultural enrichment classes to the lower grades. 

Hanban pays $12,000.00 of each Chinese teacher’s salary.  Their individual salaries are to be in accordance with the district’s salary scale for a new teacher with a Master’s Degree (not to be below the state minimum for teachers with a Master’s Degree).

For more information on the UCA Confucius Institute, please visit http://uca.edu/confucius/teach-chinese-in-arkansas.


For more information, please contact:

Michael Rowland, Public School Program Advisor

Arkansas Department of Education
Office of Educator Effectiveness

Four Capitol Mall, Room 107-A
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-1146

Fax: 501-682-4382
Dr. Frank Servedio, HQT Program Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Education
Office of Educator Effectiveness
Four Capitol Mall, Room 103-B
Little Rock, AR  72201
Phone: 501-682-4589
Fax: 501-682-1193

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