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Teacher Cadets Program


"I encourage all school districts and educator preparation programs to get involved and support this statewide effort to build a talented pipeline of future educators. It's an exciting opportunity for us all." - Misty Harp, Teacher Recruitment and Retention Program Advisor

The Arkansas Teacher Cadets Program is a nationally recognized high school teacher recruitment program aimed at attracting the best and brightest students to the teaching profession. The Program provides a curriculum-based, hands-on approach to educate students on the requirements to become a successful teacher and enables students to put their knowledge to work through a classroom internship.

The mission of the program is to encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career. It provides the opportunity for schools and districts to identify and recruit homegrown teachers and educators, providing a gateway for these academically talented students to return to their communities as education professionals. Teacher Cadets is a rigorous college level, dual credit accrual course. For a student to be eligible to enroll in the Teacher Cadets course, candidates must have a “B” average and successfully complete the application and selection process. 

Pilot Sites

Arkansas currently has three Teacher Cadets Pilot Programs in the Conway, Southside (Batesville) and Warren School Districts. The program provides the 43 cadets with insights of becoming future advocates of education.

Conway School District
Southside School District (Batesville)
Warren School District


The Arkansas Department of Education encourages your participation in this recruitment program. Please complete the Intent to Participate Form by April 1, 2014.  Contact the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Office for additional information.


For more information, please contact:

Misty Harp, Teacher Recruitment and Retention Program Advisor
Arkansas Department of Education
Office of Educator Effectiveness
Four Capitol Mall, Room 107-A
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Phone:  501-682-6349
Fax:  501-682-5118

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