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Teacher Cadets Program

The Arkansas Teacher Cadets Program is an innovative approach designed to attract talented young people to the teaching profession through a challenging introduction to teaching.  The program seeks to provide high school students insight into the nature of teaching, challenges in the classroom, and critical issues affecting the quality of education in America's schools.

The Teacher Cadets Program provides districts the unique opportunity to select an elite population of students to become cadets thus, placing them in the pipeline to either become future educators or lifelong advocates of education. 


Routes To Educator Licensure

Traditional Route 

The traditional route to educator licensure is through a program of study at one of the 19 four-year college/universities that have been approved by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) to offer educator preparation programs.  Specific subject areas and levels of licensure are offered by each of these institutions.   Information about the Traditional Route to Educator Licensure can be found on the Educator Preparation page.

Non-Traditional Routes

Short descriptions of each non-traditional route to educator licensure in Arkansas are listed here. The rules governing the non-traditional licensure program can be found on the ADE website under Current Rules.


Employment Opportunities in Schools

Arkansas Administrator’s Education Association (AAEA) maintains a website for districts to post employment opportunities.  Click here to view postings. provides educators with employment opportunities.

Individual School District websites also have employment opportunity pages.


For more information, please contact:

Jeff Dyer, Teacher Recruitment and Retention Program Advisor
Arkansas Department of Education
Office of Educator Effectiveness
Four Capitol Mall, Room 107-A
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Phone:  501-682-6349
Fax:  501-682-5118

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